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On-Grid Solar Solutions

The on-grid solar system converts solar power into grid power. Generally installed in rooftops, on-grid system consists of a series of solar panels which are mounted on roof and connected together to convert solar radiation to electrical energy.  

Hence, the system will only work when there is constant electricity supply from the power grid.

Off-Grid Solar Solutions

An off-grid solar power system is not connected to the utility grid and uses an additional battery system. Usually, an off-grid system is designed to generate some excess electricity during the day which is transferred to the battery systems for storage. The energy stored in the batteries can then be used during the night.

Hybrid Solar Solutions

Modern hybrid systems combine solar and battery storage in one system. being able to store solar energy that is generated during the day and using it at night. When the stored energy is depleted, the grid is there as a back up, allowing consumers to have the best of both worlds. 

Solar Ready Home & Buildings

Our special consultancy service is for individuals and business planning to build new, We assess the building plan and advice you with the required provisions to install solar system, this will enable you to save cost and time when installing solar. 

Renowned Solar Modules & Inverters
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